The Future of Fuel Saving Batteries

Stop Start technology is big news in the world of batteries.  The fuel saving systems, BMW’s Efficient Dynamics system is a prime example, need batteries with much better charge acceptance than conventional lead-acid batteries to keep the cars starting up every time they stop and the engine cuts out, in an attempt to save fuel.

Depending on what type of driving you do, figures suggest stop-start systems can save up to 12% in fuel consumption, as well as lowering CO2 levels.  In recent years 2.5 million cars with stop-start systems (also known as micro-hybrids) will have been built, including the latest BMWs.  And that is expected to rise to 10 million by 2015.

“The AGM battery is an integrated component within the micro-hybrid battery management system”, says a spokesman of TAB Battery Manufacturing.  “It also supports more advanced features such as regenerative braking, intelligent voltage control and alternator control through passive boost in some models,” he adds.

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