0845 Marketing Numbers For Car Battery Websites

0845 Marketing Numbers For Car Battery Websites

The telecoms industry has come under fire recently with regards to premium rate and 08 prefix numbers which include:

  • 0845 numbers
  • 0844 numbers
  • 0800 numbers

The “Ant and Dec” TV Premium Rate Number scandal in 2009 has left a bitter in taste in people’s mouths and it is probably true to say that a percentage of the population are reluctant to call an 08 number as they fear that the call charges will be astronomical.

This article deals with the charges related to 0845 numbers.

If you are considering an 0845 number for a Car battery or other online business then it pays to use an established 0845  telecoms company.

If a UK firm decides to use an 0845 number in its marketing efforts then its customers will pay “low call” costs. The actual call costs vary between 3 to 5p per minute for a landline which is dependent on the carrier that each individual customer uses. Charges to call an 0845 number from a mobile device vary according to carrier.

The low call rate is standard across the UK and is comparable to the cost of a local BT call. If you are based in London then this means customers will pay the same to ring you with a car battery enquiry whether they are based in Slough, Bristol or Cardiff. This is a very fair arrangement and makes 0845 numbers very popular with callers and businesses alike.

Callers in the UK have nothing to fear if they are asked to call an 0845 number