Specialty Batteries: From Classic Cars to Camper Vans

A car battery is a crucial component to any car. Whether this is a classic car or a camper van, the battery maintains the electrical flow of the charging system within the car. When you drive your car, the engine recharges the battery, but this is limited and eventually the battery will need to be replaced. Within regular maintenance, batteries can last around three to five years, potentially longer. Cars of all types require a battery, so in this article we shall discuss the types of batteries that are used in cars, and how to protect your battery from damage that can easily be prevented. 

Types of batteries:

- Wet/Flooded Battery – This is one of the most commonly used batteries for regular cars as they are inexpensive. As maintenance free batteries, the fluid in the battery cannot be topped up and will last until the battery dies.

– VRLA/AGM (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery) – The main feature of this battery is the safety valves on the battery case that are pressurised to ultimately prevent fluid loss. These batteries are used in Stop/Start cars

– Calcium-Calcium Battery – The calcium in this type of batteries gives this type of battery the advantage of a reduced fluid loss, however if they are over charged, it can cause serious damage to the battery. They are also maintenance free

– Lithium Ion Battery – Premium and limited edition cars such as the Porsche 911 are beginning to use this type of battery. At a very high expense, these batteries are much lighter than other types, providing a more fuel-efficient vehicle. They will typically last the entire life of the car.


Porsche Car Batteries

Protect your battery!

– Disconnect the battery if the car is not going to be in use for an extended period of time, say more than three weeks.

– Keep the battery free from vibration.

– Drive the car regularly, if not, re-charge with a battery charger on a regular basis. Under use shortens battery life dramatically.

– If you allow your car battery to die once, it may kill up to 1/2 of its lifespan.

– Avoid power drainage by keeping the battery terminals clean.

– Don’t leave your lights turned on when unnecessary.

– Additional and upgraded car accessories including audio equipment can reduce your batteries lifespan.

– In warm weather you may need to top up your cars distilled water, make sure not to overfill it though.

– Avoid charging the battery in extremely cold weather, as there may be a chance of freezing.

– Do not overcharge the battery.

– Don’t dispose of dead batteries in your regular household trash as this can harm the environment; search for a local battery recycle centre or drop off site.

VW Campervan Car Batteries

When purchasing a new battery, it is incredibly important to ensure that you have found the correct type of battery for your car. By checking the existing battery in the car or the owners manual, you should be able to figure out which battery you require. We have a huge range of batteries catering for many brands including VW, BMW, Fiat, Honda, Ford, Mini, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Lotus, Bentley, Skoda and many more. To view all of our batteries, click here. Be sure to check the power and size requirements of your car.