How to kick start you old style car battery

Modern cars have installed in them what are now called “maintenance free batteries” and all that really means is that they no longer need to have their fluid levels monitored or topped up.  It was not so many years ago that most cars had the old style battery that had to have the levels checked.  You might not know but there was also a trick to kick start a failing car battery by the addition of red wine. Continue reading

It is Still Summer – Only Just

As I sit here on holiday, with a faint memory of summers gone where we would sit out enjoying the sun whilst sipping a cool drink and the men burning flesh on the BBQ, I realise we are but days from autumn. I saw the good old BBC weather last night and sure enough they night time temperatures are heading south and in low single figures. Soon we will have that first ground frost and, for many, this will be the time you discover that your car battery is now well passed the sell buy date. Continue reading

Winter Battery Problems

Now the really cold weather has arrived any car battery that has shown a sign of weakness in recent days is likely to fail. A really hard frost will finish off any life in the battery and there will be little chance of recovery, no matter what type of recharging regime you put it through. Do not get caught out in the snow in the middle of nowhere – change the battery as soon as you can. Call our hotline for help and advice.

Safe motoring



The Future of Fuel Saving Batteries

Stop Start technology is big news in the world of batteries.  The fuel saving systems, BMW’s Efficient Dynamics system is a prime example, need batteries with much better charge acceptance than conventional lead-acid batteries to keep the cars starting up every time they stop and the engine cuts out, in an attempt to save fuel. Continue reading


From 2012, new EU regulations will not only reduce maximum levels of vehicle CO2 emissions across Europe to 130 g/km, but will also increase the demands on vehicle batteries. That’s because meeting this target is going to take more than just improved engine management – innovative battery technologies are absolutely key. Carmakers have not waited until now to meet these demands, they have been introducing the new technologies for a number of years in anticipation. Continue reading