Coronavirus, The Battery Guys and your car.

These certainly are unprecedented times.

The government has advised everybody to stay indoors, practice social distancing and avoid any unnecessary journeys.

I would like to reassure our customers that we will be remaining open until the government says otherwise. Please be aware that disruptions during this time can happen, we will update our store notice at the top of your screen as and when necessary.

After everything has calmed down, and government policy has cooled down, you may find that your car battery has gone flat. This is due to an extended period of inactivity causing a process called sulfation to occur.

Sulfation occurs when a lead-acid car battery is starved of a full charge. Starter car batteries in cars are a common criminal in this regard, particularly urban vehicles with load-heavy accessories. For example, a motor idle or at a low speed will not provide sufficient power to charge the battery sufficiently. Under normal usage, small sulfate crystals form that is normal and not harmful. However, during an extended period of under usage, the battery will discharge which will allow these smaller crystals to grow and become more permanent features of the plates in the car battery. These larger, permanent crystals limit the surface area of the plates and the resulting performance of your car battery.

This could be the situation with your battery when you go to turn your vehicle on after a prolonged period of self-isolation. If this is the case, The Battery Guys will be here to help! If you have any questions, please contact us via chat, email ([email protected]) and by phone (0330 055 2676).

Stay safe and keep well!