068 Dynamic EFB


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068 Dynamic EFB

068 Dynamic EFB Start/stop car battery is a high performing battery for vehicles featuring advanced Start & Stop technology.

Start Stop cars and vehicles require an enhanced battery due to the frequent start and stop events at traffic lights and the Dynamic EFB START/STOP does exactly that. A battery with enhanced durability and charge acceptance is required to withstand the severe driving environments for the Start Stop vehicles. Dynamic Start Stop series are perfectly optimised for Start Stop vehicles.

Suitable for Start Stop System, Urban intensive use and heavily equipped electronic devices.

Key Features

  • Sealed Maintenance Free with double lid
  • Grid Protect System
  • X-Frame Grid Technology
  • Carbon additives
  • Meets VD standard

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Reasons for premature battery failure

Driving habits rather than battery defect are often the cause of battery failure. For example, in Japan battery failure is the largest complaint among new car owners. The average car is only driven 13 km (8 miles) per day and mostly in a congested city. As a result, the batteries will never get fully charged and sulfation occurs. The batteries in Japanese cars are small and only provide enough power to crank the engine and perform some rudimentary functions whilst countries like North America may be shielded from these battery problems, in part because of long distance driving.

Good battery performance is important because problems during the warranty period tarnish customer satisfaction. Any service requirement during that time is recorded and the number is published in trade magazines. This data is of great interest among prospective car buyers throughout the world

Battery malfunction is seldom caused by a factory defect; driving habits are the more common culprits. Heavy accessory power when driving short distance prevents a periodic fully saturated charge that is so important for the longevity of a lead acid battery. According to a leading European manufacturer of car batteries, factory defects amounts to less than 7 percent.


Additional information

25.9 × 17.5 × 22.1 cm


capacity (ah)


terminal type



3 years