Here at The Battery Guys we pride ourselves on excellent company service, and this extends to our Warranty Service.

Our Premium car battery range carries a 4 year warranty, our Standard car battery range carries a 2 year warranty while our Mobility and Leisure batteries carry a 1 year warranty. If the battery is fitted to another type of vehicle, a Taxi, Fork Lift Truck or a lawnmower for example, the warranty is period is 12 months.

Should you have reason to contact us regarding your battery, in the first instance please call on 0845 302 3044 or email on [email protected]

If our conversations are unable to resolve the issue then  We would request that you contact us to tell us that you are returning goods before you send them.  We will charge and test your battery on receipt.

If the battery proves to be faulty we will replace it free of charge or refund your purchase price in full, your choice.  If the battery proves to be just discharged (flat), we will return it to you after re-charging it fully.

However, we would also like to share with you our experience of operating a consumer focused battery service over many years.

The Battery Guys modern batteries are very very reliable. They require no maintenance throughout their working lives. Therefore, when a non-start occurs please take a little time to ask your self the following questions:

  • Has the car been left for a week or more? If the answer is yes, and your battery performed reliably before this time then the car has drained the battery and it requires re-charging.
    This problem can occur in a shorter time in cold weather.
  • Is the car used for mostly short journeys only (less than 10miles). If the answer is yes and the weather is cold the battery is undercharged and needs to be re-charged. Under these conditions the battery is supplying more power to start and run the car (lights, heater, etc) than is being returned by the alternator.  This is not the fault of the battery.
  • A discharged, or flat battery, while inconvenient, does not have a fault, so is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

When a battery is discharged enough not to start the car it must be fully re-charged with a battery charger. A jump-start and a drive will not do. The alternator is not able to re-charge a fully flat battery, it is not what it is designed for; only a battery charger can perform this function.

Allow the battery charger to complete its cycle, or program.  The charger will usually have some indicator that confirms the battery is fully re-charged. Failure to allow enough time will result in more non-starts. If only partially re-charged the battery will probably provide a number of starts and then again fail to start the car. We often here the term “the battery will not hold a charge”. This is always as a result of a discharged battery not being fully re-charged before being put back into service.

It is a common misconception that a fully discharged battery can be fully recharged in a small number of hours. It can actually take days so allow your charger to tell you its ready rather than assuming the time that you have had the battery on the charger is sufficient.

Battery technology has changed radically over the last ten years and so have the chargers needed to support them. I have alluded to your charger having some indication (usually a green light) to show the battery is fully charged and the charger has finished its program. If your battery charger does not have a means to confirm the battery is ready then it may be too old and not be compatible with modern batteries. It may still charge the battery a little but may not be able to complete the job, which could result in you experiencing your initial problem again a few days later.

Modern batteries can be model specific as many cars have different charging systems, therefore you must choose the battery listed for your car from our Battery Finder, failure to do so will invalidate the warranty.


  • Failure resulting from wear & tear, misuses and negligence, either before or during use e.g. overcharged, cycled, overdischarged, sulphated or undercharged.
  • The fitting of the wrong battery.  The battery purchased must be recommeded by our "Battery Finder" tool.
  • The fitting of an ordinary battery to a Stop-Start vehicle.  A Stop-Start vehicle must be fitted with a Stop-Start battery, failure to do so will invalidate the warranty and potentially damage the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Failure or deterioration resulting from the malfunction of the vehicle's charging system.
  • Failure to recover from a deep discharge caused by the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Failure due to being discharged by the vehicle while vehicle is parked for long periods unused.

Should you wish to pursue a warranty claim please package the item(s) securely and send them back to us with the original invoice. We recommend using a recorded delivery or "signed for" service.

please use the item description "ACCUMULATOR" and address the package to:







After testing and a faulty battery is confirmed, we will pay to ship a replacement back to you, but where no fault is found, unlike some other companies we do not charge you a test fee, however we do have to charge carriage back to you at cost. Any non-faulty items not collected within 3 months will be disposed of free of charge.