Rombat Tempest 019 – 12V 100AH

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Rombat Tempest 12V 100AH

– Translucent white nature box for electrolyte level checking

– Kamina black lid with flame arrestor for 50, 60, 72, 100 and 105 Ah and flat lid for the other items of the range

– Punched (+) and continuous casting (-) PbCa alloy grids

– Glass mat fiber polyethylene separators with very good vibration resistance, this feature providing longer life

– Special designed for permanent and long lasting electrical energy supply applications

– High resistance for great number of deep discharge cycles

Applications: power supply for boats, motor yachts, caravans, motor homes, lightning applications, floor cleaning machines, scrubbers, lifting machines, electric wheelchairs, signaling systems, mobile power supply, renewable energy (solar power) and other special applications

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35.3 × 17.5 × 19 cm