Trojan T875 8v 170ah


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Trojan T875 8v 170ah Deep Cycle Battery

Trojan T875 from the Signature Line Flooded Batteries

The Trojan t875 from the Signature Line is a flooded, lead acid battery which provides rugged durability and excellent performance in a variety of applications, such as Recreational Vehicles, Floor Cleaning Machines, Golf Cars and Solar. The innovative technology inside these batteries offer maximum sustained performance, longer life, and increased total energy.

Formed in California, Trojan have been a trusted name in the power industry for almost 100 years. Trojan have continued to provide reliable energy storage to enhance the way people live and work around the world. With the invention of the golf car battery for the Autoette vehicle in 1952, Trojan pioneered the development of deep cycle battery technology for the golf industry. This began a legacy of leadership and innovation that continues today in the global deep cycle battery markets. Spanning golf and utility vehicles, renewable energy, transportation, floor cleaning machines, aerial work platforms, marine and recreational vehicles. Trojan has been relied upon as the Original Equipment (OE) supplier and has such fitted at the factory as standard for many well known brands worldwide.


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