Victron Energy AGM Super Cycle Battery 12V 230Ah (M8) – BAT412123081


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The Victron Energy 12V 230Ah AGM Super Cycle battery has very low internal resistance making them particularly suitable for high current discharge applications such as for inverters, thrusters and winches.


Features of the 12V 230Ah AGM Super Cycle battery

A truly innovative battery
The AGM Super Cycle batteries are the result of recent battery electrochemistry developments.
The paste of the positive plates is less sensitive to softening, even in case of repeated 100% discharge of the battery, and new additives to the electrolyte reduce sulfation in case of deep discharge.


Exceptional 100% depth of discharge (DoD) performance
Tests have shown that the Super Cycle battery does withstand at least three hundred 100% DoD cycles.
The tests consist of a daily discharge to 10,8V with I = 0,2C₂₀, followed by approximately two hours rest in discharged condition, and then a recharge with I = 0,2C₂₀.
The two hours rest period in discharged condition will damage most batteries within 100 cycles, but not the Super Cycle battery.
We recommend the Super Cycle battery for applications where an occasional discharge to 100% DoD, or frequent discharge to 60-80% DoD is expected.


Smaller and lighter
An additional advantage of the new chemistry is a slightly smaller size and less weight compared to our standard deep cycle AGM batteries.


Low internal resistance
The internal resistance is also slightly lower compared to our standard deep cycle AGM batteries.


Looking to protect the battery against excessive discharge, the BatteryProtect is just what you are after.


Learn more about batteries and battery charging
To learn more about batteries and charging batteries (including the pro’s and cons of multi-bank charging and intelligent charging), please refer to Electricity on Board.


Want to improve battery charging? Why not take a look at the Victron Energy Battery Sense which measures voltage at the battery bank terminals, errors arising from voltage-loss due to cable resistance are avoided – guaranteeing the correct charge-voltage.

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57 kg
532 × 207 × 226 cm

Victron Energy

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Battery Capacity (C20)

Cold Cranking

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M8 Insert

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L532 x W207 x H226mm


2 Years

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