How to Choose a Golf Trolley Battery

Choosing a golf cart battery is a task that nobody wants to do. When you rely on your golf trolley, it is something that you will have to experience at some point. Don’t worry though; our battery boffins have compiled a complete guide to choosing a golf cart battery.

The first thing to look for when selecting a golf cart battery is to check the connectors. A Hillbilly golf trolley battery may require a different connector to a Pro rider golf trolley battery, for example. Our products come without the battery casing you may find on other golf kart batteries, which allows you to be flexible.

Gel, Lithium, Lead-acid. What do they all mean? Well, they all represent different types of battery you can get for your golf trolley. Lithium golf cart batteries are the new thing on the course at the moment, providing long-lasting quality and a considerably lighter product. The downside is that because they are the latest technology – they are costly at the moment — something to keep an eye on for the future. Gel batteries are meant to last a bit longer in hotter conditions and use a silica additive to create a battery that runs without acid. However, they come with a slightly higher price tag and a slightly lower power output. At the Battery Guys, we stock VRLA golf trolley batteries – which stands for Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery. We see them to be the best value for money on the current market. They are very common for a variety of applications and are more than suitable to power your Motorcaddy.

When looking for a golf cart battery for Powercaddy, Motorcaddy or Hillbilly products, possibly the essential factor for your average consumer is how many holes you can play before having to charge your battery. They are typically measured for 9, 18 and 36 hole increments with the 36 hole golf trolley batteries having a more substantial capacity. At the Battery Guys, we recommend going for the 36 hole batteries. On our site we measure it though Ah (ampere-hours) and the general rule of thumb, the higher the Ah, the longer you can go without charging your golf cart battery.

At the Battery Guys, we stock Novelbat batteries. They are a high powered, reliable and quality product that has a long-lasting life. Perfect for your golf cart battery needs.

Hopefully, after reading this guide you are more clued up on how to find the most suitable golf cart battery for you. If you need further help talk to a member of our team for more information