What is Poweroad ?

What is Poweroad?

Poweroad has been diving deep into the Lithium industry for over 15 years, focusing on the Lithium-Ion based merchandises and technological Battery Management System (BMS) developments. Their product line covers Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery, Lithium Battery Pack, RV Power Source, Battery Cell Modification, and Battery Energy Storage System(BESS),Their motorcycle starter battery has taken a big portion of the international market, which leads them to the industry-leading position.

To greener the world together, Poweroad will persevere with the Lithium-based applications development, to provide the market with more reliable and high cost-effective solutions.  Find out more 


Where can I buy a  Poweroad battery ?

Here at the batteryguys we offer a wide range of Poweroad batteries to suit a variety of different applications. View the link below to have a look at the range we offer:



Why is Poweroad so expensive?

Poweroad is more expensive than your standard leisure battery. Poweroad uses lithium-ion technology to ensure that you maximise the performance to whatever application your battery is fitted to. Lithium is also very good for the environment as it burns less fuel and saves more energy. Not only that but Poweroad batteries last significantly longer, great right?

Will you be making the wise choice to switch to lithium?