What Type Of Battery Is In My Car?

It’s a cold Monday morning, very difficult to get out of bed for work and you have run out of tea/coffee. Then, the car won’t start. Nightmares are made of situations like this. Car batteries never die at convenient times. They always wait for when you need your car the most, making finding a new battery a potentially frustrating experience. You might be tempted to just buy one from the RAC man, or from your local garage. You are probably furiously searching for “Dead car battery fix” or “flat car battery fix” to try and get it going again. Even if you can get it going again, chances are you may need to purchase a new one. Which, for your average person is a stressful and confusing experience.

When choosing a battery on our site, finding the correct one essentially boils down to three simple steps;

First, you must have a look at your old battery, see if you can find any information from it. Hopefully, you can find a three-digit part number on the battery, for example (‘063’, ’019’, ‘057’, ‘110’). If you can find that, then you can simply search by battery part number (the blue box) from the car battery page.

If you cannot find that, you must find your battery through other means. The next thing to look for is to check the dimensions of your existing battery and then compare that with the ones on our site. Using our registration lookup, it will give you a suggestion of batteries to give you a start on comparing them.

Following this, you then need to check out the terminal layout, on our battery selections you can see a diagram showing the battery layout. It is important to check what layout you require and see if it matches up with the battery you have found using our registration lookup tool. Keep in mind that your battery might be installed ‘upside down’ compared to the diagram shown.

If you are able to match the battery, using these two parameters, then the battery will be suitable for your vehicle. You will notice that all batteries that share the same part number (the three-digit code mentioned earlier) will be of the same size and terminal layout. For most part numbers, we stock a budget (blue) standard (Silver) and our premium range of Mutlu – series 2 and 3. From there, you can make a decision about which suits your needs best.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the chat, email ([email protected]) and by phone (0330 055 2676).