How To Charge a Scooter Battery

All vehicles need fuel. Your mobility scooter is no different, it requires a battery to keep running and you won’t get anywhere in a hurry should that battery run out of charge. This is why The Battery Guys, are here to help. This is the complete guide on how to charging your mobility scooter battery.

After you have used your mobility scooter, regardless on how long the trip was or how much of the batteries charge you might have used, it is advised that you charge your battery regularly and not go too long between chargers. Even the best mobility scooter batteries require regular charging. Making sure the battery terminals are properly cleaned will make sure your battery receives a proper charge. Furthermore, it is important that the terminals are tight enough before attempting to charge the battery. Moreover, all mobility scooters are different, so it is worth you taking the time to read though that to find the specific details for your mobility scooter battery.

In general terms though, the majority of mobility scooter batteries charge the same way, you can usually follow the following instructions;

  1. Make sure the scooter has been turned off
  2. Connect the charger plug from the 12v battery charger, that you received with your scooter, to the charging port on the scooter
  3. When the charging indicator is red/orange then the battery is charging.
  4. A 12-hour charging time is recommended. The manual for your mobility scooter should have an exacting charging time
  5. Stop charging when the charging indicator is green
  6. Disconnect the 12v battery charger from the mobility scooter and then from the power outlet
  7. Run your scooter before riding to verify the battery charge

Please note that the instructions above are general and may not apply to your mobility scooter, so it is important to follow your manufacturers recommendations in the manual.

It is normal for your battery to gradually loose performance over multiple charges. If your finding that even after a lengthy 12-hour charge with your 12v battery charger, you’re not getting the usual distance ranges or the scooter is not running smoothly. There is a chance that your battery may need replacing. In which case our friendly team would be happy to help you find the most suitable battery for your vehicle.